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Unique shark faucet extender water

Unique shark faucet extender water

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Wash the surface of the phone with a diameter of 3.2CM, and set the tap of 3-4.8CM in diameter. A faucet that is too small or bent vertically downwards is not suitable. To avoid repurchasing, use an outlet diameter (a faucet less than 3 cm in diameter or a faucet larger than 4.8 cm).


  •  made of soft rubber. The texture is very soft and the quality is very good - due to the weather, the water will harden and the water will soften
  • size: If the professional faucet is slightly larger than the suit, please do not use the bubble of about 40 degrees to enter, and then screw it in!
  • Dimensions: 9.5*7*11cm
  • This product can increase the fun of children washing their hands. Let them fall in love with washing their hands



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